Rights-Managed Licences

All images on this site are only available with Rights-Managed licences for reproduction in books, magazines and online. When you buy a Rights-Managed Licence you are granted a specific pre-defined use, with a Licensing fee based on factors such as the media usage, industry, duration and geographic distribution according to your requirements. As a default you are typically granted one-time usage rights but this can be negotiated to allow extended use. It is up to you to clearly work out and communicate your requirements, to prevent misunderstandings.You may also, in certain cases, license exclusive rights in order to prevent the simultaneous use of the same content by others, but this will naturally be reflected in the fee, with the other factors.

On all my photographs & illustrations my Moral Rights have been asserted and a suitable credit (e.g. '© James King-Holmes', or 'Photo - SciTech Image Library') must be visible and copyright meta data embedded within the image must remain intact

Rights-Managed licenses are subject to a minimum fee of £55.00

Some images are available as prints, for Personal Use only. Please contact me for details.